Monday, 25 November 2013

Duster 2014 4x4

Renault is likely to launch automatic and 4x4 options in India by 2014.  The launch of Ford Ecosport and Nissan #Terrano in the same segment has dented the market of Renault Duster.  The higher price compared to its strongest contender, Ecosport, has dropped the sales of Duster in the recent months.  That makes it lower in Value For Money (VFM) rating.

Renault Duster - Best compact SUV in India !

Renault Duster is a robust, reliable and easy-to-drive SUV that has conquered the Indian car market.  It encompasses most of the sought-after features of an SUV while being a fuel efficient car.  This makes it ideal for Indian environment.  No other car has created the sensation recently that Renault Duster has done in the Indian automotive industry. 

All-terrain vehicles are generally larger in size, but Duster has compact dimensions.   It has high ground clearance (210mm), short overhangs (822mm at the front, 820mm at the rear) and big clearance angles.  The reinforced under body is suitable for all-track and all-terrain use.   In terms of safety features it is loaded with lot of safety features such as air bags, ABS with EBD.

Duster established the new segment – Compact Sports Utility Vehicle – even though few cars where available in this segment none could establish volume.  The Duster took the Indian market by storm.  It captured 23% market share in just one year. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Does using AC in car reduce mileage?

A valid question in the context of high fuel prices.  We shall evaluate this in two different scenarios.  While driving slow, say in cities, driving without AC by keeping window glasses down gives better mileage.  However, keeping window glasses down and driving in high speeds (speeds above 65kmph) without AC, there is no improvement in mileage.  Rather there is a drop in mileage compared to driving with AC keeping window glasses up.  This aspect is proven through studies conducted by certain organizations.

The mileage drop while keeping the window glasses down is substantially higher in new generation vehicles, which are designed aerodynamically, compared to old vehicles.  The drop in mileage in this case is attributed to the resistance developed by the air that gets into the car.