Thursday, 14 November 2013

Luv for SUVs…

There is a continuous debate going among vehicle enthusiasts “Which one is better - an SUV or a SEDAN?”

If one considers the parameters by which cars are rated such as Performance, fuel efficiency, ride comfort, price etc sedan scores in almost all.  Still SUV lovers continue to love driving an SUV. 

I am driving my Scorpio for more than 10 years now; its odometer reads over 165000.  If I change my car now, I would definitely be going for a new SUV! Why so adamant?  There is a certain unshakeable feeling of safety that one gets inside an SUV.  Not only that, one feels more relaxed at the wheel.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, one gets a feeling of security, of unsurpassed confidence.  Is SUV safer than a sedan?  Debate is still on.  But assume a Mahindra Scorpio colliding head on with a sedan of equal price, say a Hyundai Verna – you can imagine which one will get damaged more.

What else are better in a SUV?  After driving SUV for long I got accustomed to the commanding view of the road, feel like you own the road.  I prefer the chair like sitting posture.
SUVs were considered as gas-guzzlers. Was true for the giant old Americans – GMs and Fords.  Gone are those days, you can get SUVs – may not be true SUVs, rather soft-roaders - with monocoque body similar to a sedan that gives good mileage, equal comfort and ride quality.  They also hold most important merits of SUVs.  Ecosport, Duster etc fall into this category.

True SUV will have rugged body-over-frame construction, 4x4 and very powerful engine.  However, these features are required for off-roading, which most of us really do not do often.

In Indian environment SUVs have a few advantages that sedans can never offer.  The road condition in the entire country – even while travelling in a four lane highway there is a good chance that you have to get into a damaged road with potholes that can spoil the suspension of your sedan. In India, where drivers exhibit poor driving discipline and not considerate of other vehicles, SUVs command lot of road respect.

Hope you appreciate my love for SUVs!  But keep in mind – ‘SUV to be driven as a SUV’!