Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Remembering SUV

See the latest Volvo commercial here.


It has gone viral with 34 million hits. I wish to see some thing like this on our SUVs soon. But the beauty is wrt to the simplicity of the advertisement. This is the change I have been noticing recently in the advertisement. They are becoming more simple and elegant and to the point.

Another video site I like is the charlston car videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CharlestonCarVideos

This site has the videos of the best cars with complete description.

Seeing all this I wonder what would have been the ancient SUVs. If we go back to the olden days chariots can be termed as the SUVs of those days.

SUVs as the definition says are sports utility vehicles. These vehicles are predominantly used by the rich to have a sporting fun through vehicles. This trend comes since ages. We remember the kings going on chariots for hunting expeditions. In those days the major needs for an SUV are power unlike today security is the sole responsibility of the chauffeur. Current days SUVs offer a range of inbuilt services which only magic can fetch in the olden days.

When I see the pictures of chariots I see that Indian chariots are gorgeous than their counterparts in the rest of the world. The trademark of Indian chariots is its flag bearing mast. I have never seen any chariot in the ROW with a flag. The flag is a symbolic representation of the person. As time went by the significance of chariot faded. As the form of warfare changed from bows to swords, chariots were discarded for horse backs. Elephants did serve some time as the SUVs of the kings. Whatever the plight may be chariots are now a representation of eternal past and symbol of our might.

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